Friday, April 8, 2011

Urgent Needs

Ai que não dar tempo! from Bruno Hamzagic on Vimeo.

What adventure! :)

Just a couple of years after giving my first steps on animation, I think that I was capable of do my first short. The result was a funny animation (in stupids gags, I had a lifetime experience... lol) and poor artistic result. After three weeks I finished the short - at least that's what I told to myself - and sent the work to Animamundi Web 2002. The contest result wasn't so bad, my short was between the twenty shorts selected to appear on festival website and that was all.

This animation was very inspiring to do. Since then, I´m trying to complete a new short but sadly the paid jobs takes all the free time. I think that this animation has a poor execution but, at least, make some people laugh. :)

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