Monday, June 6, 2011


At the beginning, when I saw the 11secondclub May competition audio, I didn't like to much about to be a music track. The music is really awesome, but I would like to animate a dialogue this month. One day, driving to work, came an idea. Me and my wife come everyday in same car facing together the daily task of go through the intense São Paulo streets traffic to get to work. She always makeup during the transit. Sometimes I commit some piece of bad driving and disturb her task. Thinking in 11secondclub audio and committing terrible driving mistakes, an idea rise up in my mind and I almost hit the next car. I almost killed my wife and even like that she supported me during the three weeks that I took to finish this animation. My brother Raphael gave me a lot of support and strength along all process too. I was very rusty and uninspired, trying to recover the passion for doing animation that daily work took me off and this two persons pulled me up.

My first attempt was to go deep sketching people going mad at the car wheel. I couldn't let to remember the Goofy motormania, an animation that in 50s describes exactly what we still facing nowadays. I drew a lot of women makeup herself too. Most part of the time in the concept and creative process was figure out how to create a progressive emotion to the driver with a music that already begin rush. The lady reactions came almost for free :), I just digged how she could try to makeup in a jumpy car.

Disney Goofy Motormania.

After a bunch of roughs and sketches, I got some drawings and turned it into an animatic. The camera and the cuts was two tricky parts. They was need to tell to the audience the time elapsed in traffic, to get the progressive driver madness. Besides that, the camera angles and cuts could reduce the amount of animation to delivery the piece at deadline date.

Rush! animatic.

With the animatic done I felt that I could move on. It was funny and told the story, I really could transform my wife into a clown a couple of wheel turns.

The animation process was the most enjoyable step. I already spent a lot of time in planning phase, so I had just one week to animate the short. I used a customized version of Norman Rig. Here my wife was my personal coach and encouraged me to work when I thought about give up. I'm very glad with the 3rd place in competition.

You can watch the animation at 11SecondClub.

Thank you for taking your time here! :D