Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to align multiple vertices in Maya?

This is a question that a lot of people may ask when modeling in Maya.
Actually is a very simple process (shouldn't be different!).

Usually I need to align vertices in Maya when I'm modeling objects that will be mirrored and welded. To do this, first I be sure that in Move tool settings under Move Snap Settings I switched off the Retain component spacing option. Afterwards, to align the center vertices to the grid lines, I select and move the points along the X axis, clicking with the middle mouse button on the red manipulator arrow and pressing x to snapping to grid.


DavidBarreto said...

You rocks! Thank a lot, I´ve been using Maya for along time and I always was thinking why this incredible software doesn´t got a feature to align the vertexs, now I know how to do that.

Bruno Hamzagic said...

Nice David! Is very good to know that you found this useful :D! Thank you for leave this message!

TekuConcept said...

That was easy!

Last time I never knew and searched through a number of forums. However, it has been a while since I used Maya so I ended up forgetting, but doing another quick search brought me to this simple and strait forward answer! Thank you for sharing!

Nicholibo said...

Just wanted to point out that your "Move axis" also needs to be set to "World" for this to work. ;)

KAKKOI said...

Thank you man ...
I've been looking for this for a while .
it wasn't working for me because apparently i didn't uncheck the ( retain component spacing )

itai bachar said...

Thanks Nicholibo
I was on Object and got a little crazy coz it doesn't work...

Rahul Rastogi said...

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