Thursday, February 16, 2012

Insanely Fantastic :D

Today I received a marvelous news: My Louis Armstrong caricature has been awarded the CG Choice Award and is now being displayed on the Choice Gallery at CGTalk. This is absolutely fantastic and surreal for me. I pursuit this prize some time now and I feel like a great achievement.

A couple days ago my work was plugged on CGtalk front page and this already was awesome. When I've posted the caricature on CGTalk, I was hopping being well received. I was very confident with this work, but everything that happened since then is completely beyond my expectations. I had the unique opportunity to talk with great artists like Victorior, Felideus, Denis Zilber, Joerg Warda, Yoann LORI, Tiago Hoisel, Pedro Conti, Lucas Leibholz, Gustavo Groppo, Andrew Hickinbottom and so many others fav artists. I was very happy seing my work with some highlights inside CG portfolio page and suddenly I receive an email saying about the CG Choice award.

I have to say thank you to my dear brother Raphael, who always look to my drawings and say mood up comments and to my dear wife Renata, who is very patient and support me to accomplish my tries. I have to say thank you specially to Victorior, who always encourage a lot of artists around the cg communities, including me.

I know, I know... this is being a little ridiculous, looks like an actor receiving an oscar... who cares, its fantastic! :D


Luiz Batalha said...

Hahaha...To feliz por vc cara ! Parabens !!!

Bruno Hamzagic said...

Muito Obrigado Luiz!