Friday, October 19, 2012

Piracicaba 2012

August of this year I received one of most wonderful news of my career: First Prize in Caricature and Grand Award in 39th International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba. For a while I couldn't believe in what was happening to me, looks like too much. I even don't think that I really deserve the price, I saw so many wonderful works of so many artists that I follow and admire that some times I feel myself like a real nosy guy that luckily fell into a fantastic happening.

The best things in my life seems to happening so accidentally, every happening looks like a very fragile combination of factors that say to me: "just keep going!". My wife, for example, I met almost by accident and we are together about twelve years now. I am always trying to keep going, following this undefined sensation.

I wouldn't send the Louis Armstrong caricature to the festival, I don't know why, and I just have to say thank you to my brother Raphael and my dear Renata that encouraged me to send my work to Piracicaba this year. Renata said to me: "It's done, don't hurts send... so send it!". I did that, and was wonderful!

Was a unique experience, I was so well treated by the fellows of exhibition organization and the judges, and had the chance to personally meet a lot of artists that I am fan of. Besides that, Raphael, Renata and I had a very good time with our great friend Rafael de Latorre! I have to say thank you to my friends in Piracicaba too!

This post was in my drafts for several days, unfinished, mainly because I couldn't translate in words what this prize means. I just decided to express this feeling here, in this few empty words.

Thank you for read this blog post until here! :)
Thank you International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba! :D


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